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    We live in a magical world in which there are endless discoveries being made every day. Sometimes we read about them in awe, and other times they have to be seen to truly be believed – a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.

    Here are some of these photos that most people have never seen.

    This was a window once. It melted during a building fire.

    Peacocks can fly, and this is what they look like when they do.

     Ants vary in size, but this miniature ant next to a normal ant is incredible.

     Researchers fired a penny at orbital speed — 23,000 feet per second — at a block of aluminum. This was the result.

     These new 3D-printed casts allow bones to heal 40% faster than plaster.

     This is the world’s deepest swimming pool. It was designed by John Beernaerts and measures 113 feet deep!

    This is all one picture. The items were carefully arranged to look like four separate shots.

    This passenger train was repurposed as a bridge over a violent river.

     This is the Fukang meteorite. It’s estimated to be 4.5 billion years old.

    This is what the inside of some of the finest watches in the world looks like.

    This is what happens when lightening strikes grass. They’re known as Lichtenberg figures, and they’re caused by the high voltage traveling through an insulated surface.

    This is what a 2 liter soda bottle looks like before it’s pumped with compressed air to reach its full size.

     Disney’s Space Mountain looks a lot different with the lights on.

    Everyone knows what Hitler’s mustache looks like, but this is his original look. He was ordered to shave it so it would fit under his gas mask in World War I.

    This is the fence that stretches along the Algodones Dunes between Mexico and America.

    This eggshell was turned into a piece of art. A drill was used to create the design, and the light underneath is used to illuminate the whole thing.

     These three swords, each representing a different king, were built to commemorate the Battle of Hafrsfjord, which united Norway.

    This cabinet was carved by hand to look like a digital glitch.

    The airport in Gibraltar has a runway that stretches across an active roadway.

    These seemingly gravity defying coins are just stacked carefully – nothing is holding them together except for the counter-balance of the other each coin.

    This is the Hoover Dam in the middle of construction.

    Permanent teeth form inside a child’s jaw bone, and later push baby teeth off.

    General Electric created a CT scanner that produces a never-before-seen view of the human body.

    The top photograph shows how the human eye sees in the dark, while the bottom one is how the same image will be perceived by cats.

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