Converted School Bus Into Unimaginable

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    We’ve seen some incredible DIY projects over the years, but nothing compares to what these guys did with an old school bus. They bought a 1995 International Flat Nose Genesis school bus for $3,000, and after countless hours of commitment, they pulled off something truly unbelievable.

    Check out the process and get ready to be blown away by how this thing looks after it’s fully converted!

    They drove eight hours each way to go pick up this old bus.

    The first step was to take out the seats, which turned out to be quite hard.

    It was a long process…

    But the result of the new paint job was worth it!

    Next, they started construction on the inside.

    They started putting up new walls.

    Frames for a dining area were put in place.

    That’s the wheel well there, inside the cabinet. Cool!

    Preparations for a kitchen were also made.

    They stained the wood for a friendlier look.

    Carpet floors came next.

    Extra storage space was put in.

    That wood interior looks so much better.

    They installed insulation between the shell of the bus and the new wood panels.

    A stone counter was installed in the kitchen.

    You can’t have a kitchen without a little plumbing.

    Next they put in a brand new four-burner stove and oven.

    They even put in a water heater.

    Next came the lighting!

    You can hardly tell that this used to be a bus.


    There are bunk beds for the kids.

    And down the hall is the master bedroom.

    The master bedroom, located in the back of the bus.

    This luxury kitchen looks great!

    There’s even room for a full sink.

    It all looks even better with the lights installed.

    There’s room for the whole family!

    They even managed to fit a shower in there, too.

    It looks so cozy!

    Who wouldn’t want to hang out in here?

    Finally, the bus needed a grand entrance fit for such a nice home.

    The hardwood looks great on those steps.

    And here’s the finished product!

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