Celebrities Have The Most Bizarre Collections

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    It can be easy to forget that celebrities are just normal people who go shopping for groceries and stuff. They’re also super weird, just like us regular folk.

    In fact, a number of celebs have weird collections of things that make your Beanie Baby habit look like nothing. Seriously, some of these will really surprise you.

     Amanda Seyfried has a growing taxidermy collection.

    Victoria Beckham might enjoy handbags a little more than you. She owns more than 100 Birkin bags that cost anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000 each.

    Shaq is known to collect anything related to Superman.

    Rosie O’Donnell has a huge collection of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

    Demi Moore collects vintage dolls. She has so many that they have their own house.

    Leo DiCaprio doesn’t just collect supermodel girlfriends. He also collects action figures.

    Kelsey Grammer has a collection of rare, first-edition books.

    Ben Stiller is a Trekkie, and as such, has a big collection of Star Trek memorabilia. 

    Dolly Parton collects anything related to butterflies. She even named her 1974 album Love Is Like A Butterfly.

    Claudia Schiffer might be well known for her supermodel good-looks, but she also collects insects in her free time.

    Quinton Tarantino has a collection of TV show-themed board games.

    Blues Brother Dan Akroyd collects old police ID’s.

    Mike Tyson has a collection of tigers. Because of course he does.

    Janet Jackson collects little figurines of pigs.

    Penelope Cruz collects coat hangers. She must have a lot of clothes, too.

    Tom Hanks, America’s lovable dad, collects vintage typewriters.

    Jerry Seinfeld collects cars, which would explain his show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

     Jay Z has a massive collection of watches. 

     Elton John collects sunglasses, and he looks fabulous doing it.

    Jay Leno is well known for his collection of cars.

    Swiz Beats collects art.

    Lou Ferrigno is an avid Beanie Baby collector.

    Angelina Jolie collects knives.

    Rod Stewart might think they’re sexy, but we’re not so sold on his model train collection.

    Brad Pitt collects metallic art, presumably to protect himself from his wife’s knife collection.

    George Clooney might have finally settled down, but he isn’t ready to give up his lifelong love of motorcycles.

    John Mayer would have a lot to talk about with Jay Z, because they both collect watches.

     Pharrell is most likely pretty happy about his art collection.

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