Bizarre Objects

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    There are a lot of weird things in the ocean, and we’ve barely begun to study and categorize a fraction of its contents. In fact, we know more about some parts of outer space than we do the deepest parts of the sea.

    But every now and then, things will emerge from the water that just baffle us completely, like these mysterious corkscrew objects.

    These bizarre things have been washing up on beaches everywhere.

    They’re dark, hard, and weirdly corkscrew-shaped.

    They look like something a being from outer space would drop off.

    But this is not the beginning of an alien invasion.

    The answer, believe it or not, is even more interesting.

    While they are in fact egg sacks, they’re not like those you might have seen in Alien.

    They belong to sharks, and they wash up on the shore after the shark is born.

    Some sharks give birth to live babies, while other kinds lay eggs that gestate and hatch later.

    Eggs like these take between seven and ten months to reach maturity.

    The corkscrews type eggs have an interesting story behind their unusual shape. 

    They belong to the horn shark, and their strange spiral shape is meant to get caught on rocks or in cracks in the rocks. 

    This is meant to keep the egg stationary while the embryo grows. 

    Here’s one in the middle of the hatching process.


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