A Disturbing Secret Behind This Bridal Shop

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    For the past 85 years, ‘La Popular’  has been the most famous bridal shop in Chihuahua, Mexico. The fine gowns inside are beautiful, but they aren’t what has made the shop so well known. It’s the captivating mannequin that’s drawing the crowds, but it’s not for the reason you may think.

    Locals say that the mannequin is in fact the extremely well-preserved remains of the shop owner’s poor deceased daughter.

    In 1930, bridal shop ‘La Popular’ was founded by a woman named Pascuala Esparza. 

    For decades, the a mannequin nicknamed La Pascualita (Little Pascuala) has been standing in the shop’s window.

    Before long, locals began to suspect that the especially striking mannequin was Pascuala’s embalmed daughter.

    Pascuala’s daughter had tragically died on the day of her own wedding from the bite of a black widow spider.

    But people have reported all manner of strange occurrences involving the mannequin. Some say her gaze follows them around the store, and others that she moves in the window under the cover of night.

    Only the owner and one or two trusted employees are allowed to change the dresses that she wears. 

    Rather than fear her, many of the locals leave candles and offerings to her, praying for her help in matters of the heart. 

    Could she really be a corpse, or is it all a legend?


    We may never know for certain.

    Her eyes certainly seem to hold more sway than those of your average mannequin.

    It’s like they’re following you wherever you go.

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