Scary Animals Mouths

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    We like to think of the natural world as a beautiful, welcoming, and cuddly place. But deep inside, we all know that’s far from the truth.

    Even animals that appear friendly at first might be concealing a bizarre or dangerous appendage like a stinger, a spur, or – in the case of these crazy creatures – a vortex-like mouth of unending terror.

    No, someone didn’t put dentures in a trout. These are the actual teeth of the bizarre pacu fish.

    The silver lamprey is the last creature we’d want to encounter.


    Even Dracula would be afraid of the vampire fish.


     I bet you used to think camels were cute. Yikes!


    One thing’s for sure. Whatever a loggerhead turtle swallows is NOT coming out.


     Fact: Penguin mouths are also the portal into Hell.

    A kiss from a hag fish is the stuff nightmares.


    Geese might actually be evil aliens.


     At least cookie cutter sharks look like they’re smiling while they tear you to pieces with their horror mouths.


     Even actual monsters are afraid of angler fish and it’s mouth of nightmares.


    If I caught an aptly named Sarcastic Fringehead fish, I would throw it back immediately.

    Fact: A bite from a musk deer turns you into another musk deer.

    This bird’s mouth looks like it could saw through a table leg.

    Now I see why hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

    Naked mole rats actually have their teeth on the outside of their mouth. Creepy!

    The narwhal’s mythical “horn” is actually a tooth that protrudes out of its face.

     Anyone need a can opened? Just ask a baboon.

     This titan trigger fish must go to a British dentist.


    The Bamboo Viper has a smile only a mother could love.

     Love bats? Yeah, me neither.

      I wonder how the Goliath Tigerfish got its name.

      The Deep-sea Dragonfish looks exactly like it sounds.

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