Giant Stone Arrows

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    These 70-foot concrete arrows can be found all across the United States.

    They were all built by the US Postal Service’s Air Force.

    They were created to direct postal planes towards the east or the west as needed.

    Back then, radio wasn’t reliable and guiding by sight was the best pilots could do. 

    This stamp shows an early control tower. It was just a person waving the plane in the right direction.

    The arrows (along with the occasional beacon) guided the pilots from New York straight through to San Francisco. 

    The beacon towers were 50 feet tall and powered by gas. Their lights were visible up to 10 miles away. Below is a model of one of the beacon towers and one of the early planes. 

    World War II advanced radio technology to the point in which the beacons and arrows became largely outdated. 

    But history buffs have started campaigns to restore some of the old stations, like this one pictured here in Mexico.

    Some of the arrows are hard to spot, while others are popular roadside attractions.

    Wouldn’t this be a cool spot for a quick picnic?

    There’s a certain beauty to the arrows even in their disrepair.

    This arrow has a square space for the now destroyed beacon and transmission station.

    The arrows make for great photo opportunities.

    Kids who find this must have a blast pretending they are on a treasure hunt.

    The stations attached to the beacons seem almost cozy.

    This one looks like it fell right off a clock into the ground!


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